To Halve Emissions, We Need to Adopt New Green Tech Faster

Industries and governments should work together to encourage demand.

What if we could achieve the same for other key technologies?

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) allows carbon to be extracted from the atmosphere and stored in sinks below ground. It is an essential technology to address hard-to-abate residual carbon emissions and will be key to achieving net carbon neutral in 2050. The first CCS operation was operational in 2000. Waiting 60 years for the technology to abate carbon at cost, like we did for solar tech, would simply be too long. The same holds true for clean hydrogen, bio-fuels, utility-scale energy storage — key technologies that are not economical today, but our society will need to reach our climate goals.



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Som Ghosh

Passionate about supporting progress towards a clean economy (Oliver Wyman, Ex Rockefeller Foundation)